August 14, 2006

Newbie Night at the Bowl

Cheese Plate
+ Bottle of Wine
+ Hollywood & Highland Shuttle
+ LA Philharmonic
+ Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture
+ USC Marching Band
+ Fireworks
+ Nearly Full Moon

= Ideal first visit to Hollywood Bowl

How do they position and build an outdoor music venue - mere blocks from the heart of Hollywood - that so completely protects the audience from outside sound? Even during the quietest piano concerto, only cricket chirps made it over the walls. For our Colorado friends, imagine dropping Red Rocks Amphitheatre next to Union Station and losing none of the acoustic wonder.


sagedj said...

I love the Hollywood Bowl and The Greek-- The acts at the greek are a little too wave fest / gogo's reunion for me but every once in a while they havce someone great like Radiohead play there.

blogger said...

Next outing should be to the Greek - though maybe not for Disco Inferno. - AVN

Miles said...

also try the john anson ford. once saw the pogues there -- yeah, many years ago, so sue me -- and is still my favorite concert venue ever.

sherru said...

I've gone to the Bowl so many times this summer - Garrison Keillor, Belle & Sebastian, Flaming Lips and I've still got James Brown and Willie Nelson. I really believe it's one of LA's best assets.

The Cheese Store in Silverlake offers $20 little pre-packed food & cheese boxes. I've been meaning to give that a try.

To be perfectly honest, I just love being able to drink and not have to pay up the nose for it. You haul your own booze!

sagedj said...

We went to that Flaming LIps/ thievery corporation show this year at the bowl-- It was great - particularly theivery was so amazing- I highly recommend seeing thievery corporation if they play with the full band!!!!