July 30, 2006

Top 10 Reasons to Live in California

The new roadtrip-comedy-drama Little Miss Sunshine - about a family that finds itself on a highway to California - led me to rediscover brainstorm notes from September 2005. These lists launched our move to Los Angeles six months later.

First, from Mrs. Newbie, her top ten reasons to live in Southern California:
  1. Smoking ban
  2. Humidity better for hair, nails, skin, allergies
  3. Ocean
  4. Produce
  5. Seafood
  6. Greater diversity of people than any place I've ever been
  7. No harsh winters
  8. New experiences
  9. It's a blue state
  10. Different job opportunities
And these reasons, some based on a one-time plan to move to San Diego rather than LA, belong to me:
  1. Hash House A Go Go
  2. Del Mar Race Track
  3. Beach
  4. Pacific Coast Highway
  5. Produce
  6. More 71-degree days per year than any place I've ever been
  7. In-N-Out Burger
  8. Fewer wardrobe transitions between indoors and outdoors
  9. Higher application-to-interview ratio
  10. Our godson


sherru said...

We have assloads of In and Outs! Does San Diego have nicer ones or something?

I think the Hollywood Bowl is a good reason to live in LA. I've really enjoyed this summer at the Bowl so much that it really is a perk of living in this city.

blogger said...

In N Outs made it to both the San Diego and LA lists! Nothing particularly nicer about the SD locations.

sherru said...

In and Out is to me as White Castle was to Harold and Kumar. !!!

blogger said...

Even with the under-the-cup Bible verses? I have seen french fry revelers' faces go sour when they spy a little John 3:16 under their strawberry shakes.... But maybe it's just *my* friends .... -AVN

meekorouse said...

=) you don't have to look under the cup.. I try not to.. but then it's a quirk of the chain.

Also I agree with your lists of reasons but depending on where you're from.. moved to berkeley first then down here, I prefer Berkeley.. more blue than LA and I like wearing sweaters. I'm freakishly hot all the time since we moved down here two years ago.. sigh. It just gets worse every year.

At least in Berkeley we had the fog and the mist from the bay..When you're cold you can throw on another layer when you're hot.. you can't really run around nakkie can you? (well really now). =) I got some of my Midwestern sensibilities still. =)

blogger said...

I agree with you about the heat, and the recent heat wave was really making me pine for the dry breezes of Colorado autumns. But - since LA cooled back down to mid 80s day, lower 70s night - I'm in weather heaven again. - AVN