August 15, 2006

How To Pronounce 'Los Feliz'

Hip. Historic. Jack Bauer's playground. This north central LA neighborhood is called a lot of things. Even if not everyone agrees how to pronounce it.

  • If you moved into the neighborhood - or an adjacent neighborhood - in the last five years: Loas FEEL-iss
  • If you got stuck in the neighborhood 20 years ago because you could never back onto Los Feliz Blvd: LOSS Feel-iss
  • If you thought this was the last LA word still pronounced in actual Spanish and/or you're the guy who did the bus stop recordings for Route 180/181: Loas Feh-LEES

1 comment:

sherru said...

Why stop being all gringo-y now? It's way too late. Not with WWWIII brewing.