October 8, 2006

Our Picture in the LA Times

L.A. Puts On Its Party Hats [Los Angeles Times]

Dear Beck,

Thanks for putting on your rock and roll show last night in downtown Los Angeles. That was us, about 50 rows back on the right.

I know some people complained that it was only a one-hour show. We didn't mind. It was an all-day festival, after all, and Queens of the Stone Age had already started on the other stage. Besides, we like medleys! And the puppet show was funny. How long did the puppeteers practice so they could get the little Beck puppet to sing all the right lyrics?

And what was that line from the puppet video? "Gonna spray some east LA on your shit?" Mrs. Newbie thinks it was "shed." Please advise. Or put the video on YouTube.

Mr. & Mrs. Atwater Village Newbie

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