October 15, 2006

Viral Video for Dtox

From Code.tv, a tranquil two-minute promo for Atwater Village's Dtox Day Spa. Says owner Ken King: "We picked Atwater because it's an up-and-coming area. It's kinda hip, bohemian." Fast-forward to the part where host Shira Lazar takes off her clothes for a four-handed male-female massage, then tries to speak in complete sentences. Bohemian? Try bacchanalian.

Just across the street from Dtox, Asia Los Feliz also gets a Code.tv puff piece.


sagedj said...

I went to dtox for the first time on sat for my b-day and had a wonderful steam and massage from a girl named nomi.The atrium with waterfalls and relaxing music is great-- it was a little expensive for me but it was worth it for a treat.

blogger said...

Mrs. Newbie had a lady's day at Dtox when it first opened. The massage was first-rate, she says, but the before-and-after customer service left something to be desired. In fact, the gruffness of checkout nearly erased any benefits of the massage.