October 19, 2006

July 2006: Best Month Ever for LA Magazine

Martini Republic jumps on my bandwagon about the retro Web site for Los Angeles Magazine. And by "retro" I mean "appearing not to be updated for four months." From Lance:

I really like what they did with the cover of the November issue - cracked me up, actually - and there was a little story to go with it. But when I went to the website to link to the covers, I found that it hadn't been updated since the July issue.

I admit, July was great. A little warm, but a good time for the beach. And I know VH-1, with shows like "I Love the Early 2000s," seems to be encouraging Nostalgia for the Recent Past. Maybe that's what LA Magazine is doing. Or maybe, as Martini Republic says:

...It willfully ignores the fact that stand alone print media is a slow dying dinosaur - with every remotely decent tree-killing publication offering online only content in an effort to survive just a little longer.

Then again, maybe a city glossy with an audience of 450,000 doesn't feel the need to grow online.

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sherru said...

The LATime website is a mess too. Very disappointing.