October 18, 2006

The New California Minimums

Based on seven months of anecdotal observation:

  • Minimum cost of a dinner for two, tax and tip included: $40
  • Of a memorable dinner for two: $120
  • With a movie: $150
  • Minimum cost of a shopping trip to Trader Joe's: $33
  • To IKEA: $110
  • Minimum monthly rent for Los Angeles housing that wouldn't embarrass Mom: $1,595
  • Minimum daily cost for an LA parking space that wouldn't embarrass Mom: $7


Miles said...

You need to eat in Atwater and Atwater adjacent more often. Tacos Villa Corona or the Cuban place or Indochine or Astro Family Restaurant or...

Lots in Atwater for less than $40, but I don't think you can beat the Taco place. Seriously the best tacos and burritos in the city...if not the world.

blogger said...

Somehow even at Indochine we end up dropping two Jacksons. Everything looks so good. And then there's dessert. And some fancy drinks. And... and... well, you get the point.


sherru said...

I always spend way more than that at Trader Joes'. It's all those dern impulse buys they put up at the registers that you end up staring at as you wait in some terrible line.

Don't you think Atwater could use its own dern Trader Joe's? I'm tired of going to the fashionshowSilverlakeTJs or the supercrowdedGlendale one...

Miles said...

Well, you can't go to the taco place at night, but as God as my witness, you have got to try the taco place for either breakfast or lunch. It's spectacular.

Tacos are a buck fifty. Burritos like 3 bucks.

And they are so friendly. You gotta go.

blogger said...

It's those little round tins of dark chocolate that always push me over $30 at Trader Joe's. Just dropping by for some eggs and cereal? HA!

Silverlake TJs is full of people who want you to think they're more famous than you are while they secretly suspect you are more famous than them.