October 27, 2006

Beachcombing the Los Angeles River

I run along the LA River a couple of times a week. In Atwater Village, from Fletcher Ave. to Highway 134 - in broad daylight, of course - the river trail is a safe, well-groomed public space.

I don't even mind the river dwellers so much. They keep to themselves.

But riverside as beach? I don't know if I want to run around any beach bums. I didn't move across a whole time zone just to end up in Venice. Besides, won't sand slide down the concrete bank?

Curbed LA: Dream house: beach or hills?

Eric Garcetti, City Council President: Hills. Echo Park, right where I'm at, not too high up, and pretty close to the 'flats.' Great workouts and you get the beach for free - on a clear day, you can see the ocean. I like to imagine, however, that once we've got our return to the Los Angeles River underway, homes in Elysian Valley and Atwater Village will advertise 'beachfront property.'

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