November 22, 2008

We Did It! Third Annual Great LA Walk

FOR THE THIRD YEAR in a row Mrs. Newbie and I marched in the Great Los Angeles Walk. We're 3 for 3 in this 21st-century pre-Thanksgiving tradition that takes us and dozens of strangers/friends from downtown LA to the Pacific Ocean. (At 4 m.p.h., instead of the usual 40.)

First year we walked 16 miles along the length of Wilshire Blvd. Then in 2007 we hoofed 15 miles down all of Pico Blvd. Yesterday: 18 miles, starting at Union Station, we sauntered down parts of Cesar Chavez and Sunset, and all of Santa Monica Blvd.

The cause? Just because. See you all in a year. In the meantime:


meekorouse said...

you WERE there! oy! I have yet to ID the great AVN.. hmmmm not fair! =)

ps: definitely was fun though! I'm working on uploading my gazillion pix from the day. we did it indeed!

Miles said...

good for you. i planned on going, but couldn't get it together at the end. from the twitters, it looks like it was quite enjoyable.

Will Campbell... said...

Dagnabbit. Another walk and another missed opp to finally but a face to the moniker! You are slippery and silent!

Maria said...

It was so nice running into you and the Mrs.!

Will, I'll introduce you next time... or maybe not, the mystery makes things more exciting.

Anne-arky said...

It was nice to see you guys again! For some reason I had no idea you write AVN. Me = confused. Anyhow, hope the rest of the walk was as nice as the first half! :)