November 26, 2008

Great LA Walk 2008: The Video

TAKE AN 8-minute video tour (credit to Drewurd, not me) of what took more than 8 hours to walk: Union Station to the Pacific Ocean, mostly down Santa Monica Blvd. And see more of my photos from Saturday's Great LA Walk.


Miles said...

wow, fun video. some questions. is the avn named drew? is that the bt's first public appearance? how cute!

philpalm said...

Gee, I guess you did the zoom function during the filming to show off that you could do it. I wonder what size memory card you used to record all eight minutes? (or is there a lot of edited out portions?)

AVN said...

Miles: Not me! I don't think I appear anywhere in the video. They must have been with a different part of the pack.

Philpalm: Good questions! Check with Drewurd who posted the video on YouTube.