November 15, 2008

Theft from Vehicle: In 3 Acts

LADIES (AND GENTLEMEN) of Atwater Village, and visitors from surrounding environs, be alert. From a reader:
  1. "In broad daylight at around 9:30am this morning [Friday Nov. 14] while my wife was in Pilates Metro [3178 Glendale Blvd.] someone smashed her car window and stole the purse out of the car."
  2. "She was parked in the public lot behind the pilates place and had hid the purse under a jacket in the back of the car. The thief broke the back window and took the purse from under the jacket. Obviously they were scoping the parking lot and saw her hide it!"
  3. "Someone just called and found my wife's drivers license and a couple credit cards dumped on the ground at the corner of Virgil and Third."


Anne-arky said...

At least someone returned part of her purse to her. My purse has been snatched off me twice since I moved to LA (in 2004) and I've never gotten anything back.

Gooooooood times.

Heidi said...

This has also been happening in the parking garage at Total Woman Gym on Brand & Doran as well. Thieves just know that women are likely to leave their purses in their car when they go to work out.

I leave my purse in my trunk but I put my wallet and phone in my gym bag so even if someone decides to steal my purse, they're just going to get a whole lot of receipts and lip glosses. (:

philpalm said...

Some smart alexy theives steal the purse and toss them in the trash or on a roof. One poor guy who reported finding a purse was charged with stealing the purse.

Around MacArthur park they use the IDs to make more IDs for illegal aliens...

Emily said...

Heidi! Great idea! I would go even one step further and keep some moldy cheese in there for them too!