November 3, 2008

Spraying Some Pre-Election Hate in Atwater Village

WHO'S READY for this election to be over? I bet the owner of this car, near Edenhurst and Dover, has had enough. He emailed that he "awoke this morning to find that my 'No On 8' sign and car had been vandalized. Someone spray painted 'Fags' across my back bumper."

Another reader noticed a similar (if more nonsensical) pro-Prop-8 message: "I noticed someone had tagged the fence on the corner house of Sunnynook and Valleybrink. Black spray paint was sprayed over the 'Vote No' sign with what looked like 'VAG.' I don't know what VAG could mean in response to Prop 8 but clearly tagging that happens on someone’s fence is not something to be taken lightly. Very uncool indeed."

Yes, very uncool.


AVN said...

It's happening in Los Feliz, too.

Mark said...

In my neighborhood, people often park cars on Los Feliz Boulevard with for-sale signs because of the high traffic on the street. Since we live in an apartment, we don't have a yard to put a sign in. This gave me the idea of papering the inside of my car with "No on Prop 8" messages and parking it on Loz Feliz for the weekend.

Obeying all traffic and parking laws, I parked my car on the north side Los Feliz just west of Observatory Avenue. I posted the "No on Prop 8" sign in my car. (See photos)

I checked on my car several times over the weekend. This morning when I went to move my car before the no-parking times went into effect my car has been vandalized.

Someone spray-painted the rear window and hatchback of my car. They painted the word "yes" twice, once in black and once in white. I have file a police report.

Some people who support "Yes on 8" will apparently commit crimes to promote their intolerance.

la said...

drama Queens are making up stories again to get attention i voted yes on prop 8 to stop politically correctness

Mr. Malotte said...

LA, I'm glad you can expose yourself as a bigoted moron. Did you know that we never landed on the moon and Barack Obama is a Jew?

I'm also glad you have no control of the English language.

These are our neighbors with photo documentation! What more do you need to be outraged? Regardless of your intolerant views I wouldn't wish your property to be destroyed. Disgusting.

And don't think we didn't notice your bigoted insertion of Queen. Bigot.

Anne-arky said...

Wow, a moron voting yes on prop 8?

Whoda thunk it? ;)