November 20, 2008

Alert! At Least 8 Vehicles Smashed on Valleybrink Road

SOMETIME BETWEEN 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. windows on at least 8 vehicles were smashed along Valleybrink Rd. Driver-side glass everywhere tonight, inside cars and on the street, up and down the block. Almost every other car hit. Unclear if this evening's acts, occurring while many residents were home, were pure vandalism or also involved theft.

One neighbor's theory: kids and a BB gun. My theory after filing my second LAPD report this year: It's a fucking crime wave.

UPDATE! LAPD officers stopped by after 11:00 p.m., and told me:
  • It's more like 8 cars hit. (Instead of 10 as I originally posted.)
  • It's normally a quieter, safer part of Atwater Village (unlike up on Bemis St.) but they'll step up patrols.
  • It was probably "teenagers."
  • Keep an eye out for "anyone that doesn't belong" and call if there's trouble.


beth said...


AVN said...

No, her older sister.

Miles said...

That doesn't bode well. We've also noticed increased tagging on the other side of Glendale. Is it time for a community meeting?

Juandawg said...

sorry to hear. this happened on larga through tyburn back in july. our car got hit twice in 3 days. imagine going through the trouble of getting the window fixed and its broken again the same night.

judy said...

I think it happened between 8-9pm because I was out on the street at 8pm and didn't notice any broken glass. Thanks for posting the information -- we'll stay vigilant -- a fellow VB resident...