November 20, 2008

LA Times Dips Tentative Toe Into Flickr Pool

FAR BE IT from me to discourage anonymous pseudonyms, but someone under the moniker losangelestimes has dipped a tentative toe into the Flickr photostream.

Assuming he/she is authorized to do so, it's disappointing that his/her contributions so far have been to mark favorites, add contacts and post one thumbnail of that best-selling Nov. 5 Los Angeles Times front page. (With a link to sell you more, of course.)

Today there's a bit more explanation:
"We're working on what exactly we'll share here (exclusive images that don't make it into print or online? hmm) and would love to hear your suggestions."
Suggestion #1: How about posting behind-the-scenes photos they'd never put in the paper? The photographers, the reporters, the printers doing their thing. (See LAFD's otustanding Flickr contributions.) Hey, maybe even the executives laying people off. Could be juicy!


Will Campbell... said...

Even though I think you meant "moniker," "monkier" is infinitely more apt.

AVN said...

LA Times: Now "monkier" than ever!

(Thanks for the spell-check. I corrected it.)

Los Angeles Times said...

Thanks for the suggestions, AVN. We're just getting the hang of this whole "social media" thing -- and seeing so many folks re-use our images without proper attribution, but that's another story for another blog comment -- so take it easy on us, while we get with the Flickr upload program. Heck, you were once a newbie, too...right?

For some initial behind-the-scenes photos of the LAT, see some images I've favorited -- many fit that bill.

And thanks for sharing your LA Photo Walks pics, very cool.

- LAT blogger/flickr newbie