November 19, 2008

Los Feliz Cafe, Formerly Eatz Cafe, Closing Nov. 30

Formerly Eatz
ACCORDING TO rumors substantiated by 2 sources (an email to me from a customer who overheard a waitress, and this AVNC forum post) the outdoor cafe at Los Feliz Municipal Golf Course is soon to be no more.

Los Feliz Cafe (3207 Los Feliz Blvd.), till 2 years ago called Eatz Cafe, may shut down as soon as Sunday, Nov. 30.

What will take its place? From the customer's email: "I overheard the waitress ... say that the place had been sold and the new owner was planning on closing it and potentially opening up an Italian restaurant."

And wishful thinking from the AVNC forum: "It would be great if the Auntie Em's crew take the place over. They know how to work a small kitchen. The place has serious potential."

Hope it comes back as something. And soon.


Keck School of Medicine, Class of 2011 said...

Mistake #1: Changing the name from Eatz.
(Potential) Mistake #2: Changing a unique local rest-spot (with great breakfast and character) into an Italian (or any other type) restaurant.

Will Campbell... said...

I wonder if Silver Lake's Backdoor Bakery and Cafe -- forced out by the landlord months ago (the property of which is still vacant) -- is still looking for a home?

katiesmurphy said...

auntie em's! auntie em's!!!!