November 4, 2008

The 15-Minute Election

Maybe 12 Voters Outside
Maybe 10-12 Waiting Inside
Just 7 Stations Inside
ONE OF THE (many) nice things about living in Atwater Village is voting in Atwater Village. For this national election day, our polling place at Glenfeliz Boulevard Elementary serves an area barely 3 blocks wide, maybe 7 blocks long. Which the lines never are. (Long.) More photos from my 7:30 a.m. vote.

UPDATE: Unlike some polling places (looking at you, Lincoln Park Recreation Center) the Atwater Village election officials did not ask for photos IDs. Some voters in my line volunteered IDs, but none were asked for them.


AVN said...

Apparently the Lincoln Park Rec Center is asking everyone to show IDs. Bzzt! Illegal! Anyone else having trouble?

katiesmurphy said...

my polling place on Edenhurst at Dover was much more crowded than that! The line was pretty long, maybe 30 minutes or so this morning around 7:30.