June 6, 2008

LA Helicopter Tour Part 1: Pacoima to Van Nuys

Van Nuys Airport, originally uploaded by Atwater Village Newbie.

CULLING THROUGH hundreds of our Los Angeles helicopter tour photographs - mapping them, labeling them, tagging them - has been, to tell an inside joke, the Infinite Jest of photo projects. I divided the tour into 9 segments, and just finished my Flickr gallery for Part 1, Pacoima to Van Nuys.

This was my first ride in a helicopter so no, I was not at all disappointed to spend so much time flying over the Valley en route to more picturesque destinations. Interesting on this leg was how much construction still goes on in Sun Valley, Arleta, North Hills and Panorama City.

Also, it's cool to fly over an airport! Take a look at 33 photos from Part 1. Parts 2 to 9 to come.

LOS ANGELES HELICOPTER TOUR | Pacoima to Van Nuys | Van Nuys to Malibu | Malibu to Westwood | Westwood to Hollywood | Hollywood & Highland | Hollywood to Downtown LA | Downtown LA to Silver Lake | Silver Lake to Mount Lee | Mount Lee to Pacoima

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