June 6, 2008

Home Restaurant Coming to Atwater Village (Adjacent)

ANSWERING the Newbie email inbox:
Hey, I looked at some older posts on the blog, but I cannot find the info on this... Do you know what this new "Home" place is on Fletcher right off the 5 (I think at Riverside?)? I noticed it yesterday and it seemed pretty cute. Any idea? Thanks! Loyal reader
Why yes, loyal reader, I do! Rather, Eater LA does:
Aram Serobian will open a second Home Restaurant in the Rudolpho's space "in a few weeks," according to one Home staffer. The original on Hillhurst in Los Feliz, we're told, is not closing.
As a fan of the original Home Restaurant, I admit this is quite an exciting development for all of us in Atwater Village. (And Atwater Village adjacent.)


Emily said...


sage said...

fan too

Heidi said...

Thanks for investigating! It was my first thought, but then I figured it couldn't be. Guess I was wrong!

Rose said...

Mystery solved. Thanks!