June 30, 2008

LA Helicopter Tour Part 9: Mount Lee to Pacoima

AND SO WE'VE come to the end of the road. And "road" it should be, as I learned, because helicopters often follow paved routes below. Especially when they're communicating with control towers and nearby aircraft. We were "northbound on the 170." Or, "southbound on the PCH." Even if you get above the traffic, you can't get away from it entirely.

Fly through the final segment of our journey with 42 photos from part 9 of our LA helicopter tour, Mount Lee to Pacoima.

Or sit back with a cold one and look through all 280 photos in our complete LA helicopter tour gallery.

Here's to next time.

LOS ANGELES HELICOPTER TOUR | Pacoima to Van Nuys | Van Nuys to Malibu | Malibu to Westwood | Westwood to Hollywood | Hollywood & Highland | Hollywood to Downtown LA | Downtown LA to Silver Lake | Silver Lake to Mount Lee | Mount Lee to Pacoima

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