May 25, 2008

Flight Path: Our Helicopter Tour of Los Angeles

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YESTERDAY'S HELICOPTER tour started and ended at Whiteman Airport, the tiny LA County-owned airstrip at the north end of the San Fernando Valley. Along the way, and for purposes of organizing some 800 photographs, we covered 9 legs, more or less counter-clockwise:
  1. Pacoima to Van Nuys
  2. Van Nuys to Malibu
  3. Malibu to Westwood
  4. Westwood to Hollywood
  5. Loop around Hollywood & Highland
  6. Hollywood to Downtown LA
  7. Downtown LA to Silver Lake
  8. Silver Lake to Mount Lee
  9. Mount Lee to Pacoima
Adventure Helicopter Tours of LA flew a 4-seater with panoramic views. Not a bad seat in the house for this $480 tour. And Mrs. Newbie graciously allowed her photographer to sit up front.

Photos are being sifted, sorted and shared - soon.


Judy Graff said...

I hafta ask: was it scary? Even a little bit? Kudos to you for your bravery. Now, speaking of scary/bravery, have you been to Americana yet?

AVN said...

Scary? Not at all, surprisingly, since I think the teacups at Disneyland are a bit much. The helicopter we took felt like all glass, nearly panoramic views from every seat, but we were strapped in tight with shoulder and waist restraints. And we went fast sometimes - about 120 MPH over the mountains - but like when you're in an airplane, you don't get overwhelmed by the speed when you're that high (500 to 1,000 feet) above the ground.

And Americana? Yes! Scary during opening week, but last week's cold/rainy evenings kept most of the crowds away.

Mike said...

Guys, that looks AWESOME! Jealous! When are we having a Franklin Avenue/Atwater Village get together?