June 21, 2008

Atwater Village is Decidedly 'Out of the Way'

AND IF YOU believe that, you might also believe Silver Lake is an "artistic enclave." From a Wisebread article on strategic thriftstore shopping:
"My best friend Lysa is coocoo for expensive art books and cookbooks. Her number one thriftstore? A branch of Out of the Closet in out of the way Atwater village in Los Angeles. Because it's out of the way and because the people donating are largely from nearby Silverlake (an artistic enclave). Books that would cost up to $100 she winds up getting for $1. Her best find? A $7 cursive typewriter."


Jim said...

Out of the way?! Upon further research, she lives in NorCal. Plus she is probably getting second-hand info from someone who doesn't dare cross La Cienega.

Miles said...

In any case, the nugget of truth from the paragraph is that you really can get great books -- all kinds -- at the Atwater Out of the Closet. We do regularly.

Ken said...

this OTC has proven quite magical for me... I costumed an entire spectacle from the very cool and inexpensive selection there. and glendale blvd, compared to to the din that is hollywood, is practically lazy. great.