June 12, 2008

This Just In: North Atwater Village Crackdown

FROM A DEDICATED reader just before 9:00pm: "Yo, Newbie. We live on Brunswick, just about two blocks south of Chevy Chase. We just saw 14 police cars zoom past our house, lights and sirens going, headed towards Chevy Chase. After a short pause, another 3 zoomed past. There's a helicopter over what appears to be the Chevy Chase community center park. Wonder what's going on now? I didn't know that the entire North East Division even OWNED 17 cop cars!"

As of 9:20pm, the helicopter seems to have flown off.

UPDATE: After 11:00pm, and helicopter still hovering near Chevy Chase Park.

UPDATE: Now 11:30pm, and news of a perimeter around portions of North Atwater Village, LAPD looking for an armed suspect.

UPDATE: 11:40pm, and I say LAPD needs Twitter.

UPDATE: Further updates on the AVNC Forum.

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