June 9, 2008

Update the Crime Map: Murder This Weekend

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AT 7:45PM it's still light out, isn't it? Does this homicide qualify as occurring in broad daylight, then? From the LA Times weekend homicide report:
LAPD Northeast Division: A 20-year-old white man was shot and killed near Perlita and Veselich avenues near Atwater Village at about 7:45 p.m. Saturday, June 7.


noahb said...

Hey friends,

My car was the one that was slammed into by the gang dude that was shot to death while driving his red pickup (that i believe was stolen.) Crazy weekend to say the least for me. Car is a total loss...but thank god for insurance.

Scott said...

Crazy. The dead guy was apparently a Rascals gang member just out on parole.

flim-flam said...

anyone have more information about this? it happened RIGHT outside my house (i was out of town this last weekend.) Noahb must be my neighbor...any info?