June 5, 2008

Atwater Chatter: Street Festival Anticipation Edition

WHILE NEIGHBORHOOD bakers ready their recipes (Mrs. Newbie is, alas, sitting out Sunday's cookie contest) the news from in and around Atwater Village goes on:

Celebrated Salad - For chef Corina Weibel of Canele, the flavors of Morocco serve as inspiration for her colorful beet salad, a vivid combination of red and gold beets tossed with baby carrots, tender bundles of m√Ęche (the salad green) and paper-thin slices of lemon. [LA Times]

Coming Arundo Again - In just a few weeks, the LA River re-greens itself, despite City Council's best efforts. [Nature Trumps]

Red Car Redux - California high-speed rail will affect Atwater Village - but how? [AVNC Forum]

Bring Back Green Week - Last year the DWP had a a "green week" of walking only nights during the Holiday Festival of Lights. [Friends of AV]

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ninatim said...

Thanks Newbie!

FYI The DWP & GGPNC are hosting a meeting Monday (June 9) @ 7pm. The location is the Ranger Station in Griffith Park. They are going to discuss the Festival of Lights walking nights. It's open to the public so people supporting this effort could/should attend.