June 13, 2008

LA Helicopter Tour Part 4: Westwood to Hollywood

Who Lives Here?, originally uploaded by Atwater Village Newbie.

LIFESTYLES OF THE rich and famous - and the young and revelrous - all come into focus in part 4 of our LA helicopter tour, Westwood to Hollywood.

This stretch is where the pilot makes bold, unverifiable claims about who lives where. "That's Paris Hilton's house!" "That's the Playboy Mansion!" OK, dude, if you say so. It's not like they were clickable. Flying in a helicopter isn't at all like flying in Google Earth. But how cool would that be.

LOS ANGELES HELICOPTER TOUR | Pacoima to Van Nuys | Van Nuys to Malibu | Malibu to Westwood | Westwood to Hollywood | Hollywood & Highland | Hollywood to Downtown LA | Downtown LA to Silver Lake | Silver Lake to Mount Lee | Mount Lee to Pacoima

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CitizenRobots said...

I hoped you hocked many a loogie, dude!