March 20, 2007

Maybe She Knows Silver Lake Is No Good

Any Winehouse Tour Rider
COULD ROCK CHANTEUSE Amy Winehouse not get a decent restaurant recommendation in Silver Lake for tonight? Why else would her Spaceland show, as LAist and Losanjealous report, get canceled mere hours in advance?

Attention venue managers! For future reference, page 4 of Winehouse's tour rider clearly demands "recommendations of GOOD QUALITY restaurants... Chinese, Mexican, grill... Anything good really..."

Surely there must be something in these parts. I guess we'll see if she makes it to Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow.


AVN said...

I'm not dissing Silver Lake. It's just a play on words with the Winehouse song. We often traverse the bridge from Atwater Village to dine with the hipsters. Hey, maybe she'd like Edendale Grill!

jackieyo said...

I bet she'd like The Roost, The Tam, The Bigfoot, The Tee Gee....

flim-flam said...

she'd like anyplace with alcohol, c'mon, folks.

besides, i heard this show was canceled days ago when i was in texas, but it was "secret" canceled.

that girl is out of her mind.

Miles said...

No doubt, she was on a bender from the Roxy. Did that even happen? But, by God, that voice could melt the polar caps. Bring her on while she's still in her pre-post-courtney-love days!

jackieyo said...

The Roxy show got good reviews, but she's notorious for cancelling. Maybe she went to rehab;)

I was going to see her tonight at Spaceland, dang it!