March 14, 2007

Call Off That Search for LA's Best Pizza

BILL MAHER HAS BETTER dinner plans. From last weekend's Real Time on HBO, a comedic commentary that falls somewhere into the sliver of zeitgeist between Eater LA and Curbed LA:
"New rule: Ex-New Yorkers have to stop bitching about how there's no good pizza in LA.

"You're a junior agent at William Morris. Not Joe Pesci.

"People in LA don't care about pizza. Because unlike New Yorkers, after we pay rent we have money left over to buy real food."
The bit starts at the 0:30 mark on this YouTube clip.

Maher adds, parenthetically, "I just bought another three years of bad press in New York." No word on how much bad press he bought with people paying overpriced rent in LA.

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