March 20, 2007

Only 25 Days Till Great Termite Swarm of 2007

The Termites Are Coming
WITH ALARMING SPECIFICITY, this Terminix brochure arrived in the mail. "According to our experts," it warns, "homes in the 90039 area are 2 times more likely to suffer a termite infestation that the average home nationwide."

How do they know? Footnote: "Infestation calculation is based on an algorithm using data from the EEA and Terminix International."

Right. Who's the EEA? In any event, this Termite Infestation Probability Map shows Terminix may be right. I mean, California is at least twice as dark as, say, Idaho.

They go on: "And now, with termite swarm season predicted to start on 4/14/2007, it's even more critical to know that your home has Ultimate Protection."

It's a Biblical plague, Los Angeles, right between Easter and Tax Day. Again, how do they know? "Swarm predictions based on historical data." Right. Just like Easter.

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