March 5, 2007

Zaio Values House at 17 Cents

Zaio Photographers
ACROSS THE JOB TRANSOM this morning comes this opening for Photographers - Real Estate Exteriors:
"Zaio Corporation is seeking 10 very hard working exterior real estate photographers to walk the streets throughout LA COUNTY (and 10 more needed in Orange County) to gather one photo of every residential property to create a real estate database...

Essentially, the job is to walk the streets taking one photo of each residential property you see on both sides of the street, gathering hundreds of photos each day, then matching photos to addresses in software and uploading over high speed Internet daily.
The company's Web site gives a few more details:
  • Pay is 17 cents per photo plus weekly bonus
  • Zone takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete
  • Photographers are trained how to respond to inquisitive homeowners (5 to 15 met daily)
The end result sounds like a more painstakingly detailed version of the defunct A9 Maps, where you could walk the streets, as Zaio puts it, without leaving your desk. And without getting punched by inquisitive homeowners.

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