March 27, 2007

Burbank IKEA Nickling Customers, Plans Diming Them Soon

I HADN'T BEEN TO OUR closest IKEA store, the one in beautiful downtown Bubank, for a while. But it seems to me last time I went those handy, large plastic IKEA bags, the ones into which you stuff your own stuff, holding up the line whilst cashiers impatiently gossip amongst themselves, were free. No cost. Piled at the far end of the conveyor belt, awaiting your Swedish-themed doodads, for no additional charge.

No more. Now the plastic bags are five cents. And they've been relocated. Now they're at the front end of the conveyor belt. And the cashier impatiently points you toward them and then rings them up, one nickel at a time.

Help keep costs low, IKEA implore on signs throughout the store. OK, I'm game. But please assure me you're not trying to lower your reputation at the same time.


Susan said...

i think this is more to push people away from disposal bags for sake of the environment. all for it.

andrea said...

thanks susan: in Ireland they have a bag tax. love it.

i don't think we should be bitching about this one.

AVN said...

Call me a cynic. I think IKEA charges for bags for the same reason WALMART sells compact florescent light bulbs: higher profit margin per square inch.

Bags @ $0.00 < Bags @ $0.05

Bulbs @ $0.40 < Bulbs @ $4.00

If they accidentally help save the planet at the same time, then that's what goes in the press release.