March 14, 2007

Arthur Magazine Might Be Unfucked After All

THOUGH ATWATER VILLAGE-BASED Arthur Magazine seemed to meet its untimely demise in late February, now comes an update from editor Jay Babcock via LA City Beat:
"As of early March, however, new developments may mean there's still hope for Arthur.

"'It looks like we may have found a way to save the magazine,' Babcock says. 'That's all I can say.'

"He could only acknowledge that, if the new plans went through, he would still be in charge of editorial content, adding, 'Something very, very, very unexpected happened.'

"'I wouldn't write a eulogy just yet.'"
So much for Babcock's earlier assessment that "the magazine can't be restarted" and "the situation can't be unfucked."

Funeral arrangements on hold till further notice.

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