March 4, 2007

Have a Little Faith in the Neighborhood

ATWATER VILLAGE MAY BE the quintessential Los Angeles neighborhood. We have it all. Taco trucks, river dwellers, sex offenders and, now, Christian filmmakers.

The LA Daily News exposes them:
"One of those filmmakers - a graduate of Act One, a Hollywood-based organization that trains Christian scriptwriters - is Atwater Village resident Amanda Llewellyn.

"Llewellyn and her husband, Wes, have made two short films for the project and have a full-length feature film coming out Tuesday. That film - The Moment After 2: The Awakening - is a post-Rapture story that follows the lives of two former FBI agents.

"'You are starting to have more people like me ... who are starting to make inroads into management and executive positions in Hollywood,' Llewellyn said. 'It's not a secret coup or a takeover. What it is is just allowing us a place at the table. I think Mel Gibson was able to kick down some doors for us in that area because of his financial success.'"
Besides, who doesn't love a good post-Rapture movie. The Lllewellyns also have a film screening as part of the 168-Hour Film Project. Hey, that's seven days. Shouldn't they be resting?

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MJS said...

After the Rapture there is going to be a whole lot of unattractive clothing left behind--does their god endorse littering? And don't forget: as the bodies rise and temperatures fall there will be some shrinkage.