March 12, 2007

Downtown Alley Loiterers Getting More Particular About Bar Critiques

LAST WEEK MRS. NEWBIE and I ventured out to The Edison, the new-ish conventioneer/loft-dweller bar in downtown Los Angeles. When it turned out we were more hungry than we were fascinated with people falling on their asses before 8:00pm, we climbed out of the converted power plant and into this conversation with a sun-worn rumpled guy trolling Harlem Place Alley.
Rumpled Guy: What's it like in there?

Me: Loud.

Rumpled Guy: Dodger Stadium is loud. That doesn't help me one bit.
Oh, I'm sorry. Were you paying me by the word? We ignored his editorial feedback and sauntered around the corner for a middling white pizza and a better-than-expected steak salad at Pitfire Pizza.

There. Can you work with that, Rumpled Guy?

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