May 6, 2009

Gunshots in 90039: Nearly 20 Shots Heard at 2:30am

RUDE AWAKENING: We reported as many as 20 gunshots, in 3 rounds, around 2:30am, Wednesday May 6. Within 10 minutes, a Los Angeles Police helicopter started circling central Atwater Village and the LA River. LAPD cruisers soon followed, lights and sirens down Riverside Drive on the opposite side of the river. More gunshot reports on AVNC forum.

River at Night3:00am: Chopper searchlight seems to focus on river area between Sunnynook Drive and Glendale Blvd.  And May seems to be shaping up much like April.

3:10am: Explanation from an officer at the scene, as posted on the AVNC forum: 2 individuals were drinking at the river, possibly at the bench near the Sunnynook footbridge. They were confronted and shot at by one or more suspects. The 2 victims ran toward Valleybrink Rd., got separated. Police found one victim, shot in the buttocks, at Glenmanor and Valleybrink.

(Mere steps from where Joey Romo was shot down.)

This is literally becoming a pain in the ass.


MrDigs said...

Wow... I didn't hear any of this last night, thank god. This is a weird story... sounds like after the gunshots the police were just fanning out in all directions... chasing suspects or what? All the commotion amounts to at this point is a "pain in the ass".

photodon said...

our house was hit by a bullet intended for a car full of gang members as they drove through on glenfeliz blvd near the elementary school. There is a gang war and sadly we will be hearing about it until the police either catch them or they kill each other.

Al said...


AVN said...

No, herds. As in, herds of gang-banger morons descending upon Atwater Village.

Super said...

I thought they were fireworks, initially.

rider said...

You have to think about it though.Atwater Village has been known for gang violence for a long time.