May 7, 2009

Message from the Captain: We're On It

FROM THE Northeast LAPD newsletter by Capt. Bill Murphy:
Atwater Village: The long-time gang conflict between Toonerville and Rascals continues. We had a murder in this area approximately one month ago and there have been several shootings back and forth between these gangs.

Our NOE gang units have been spending a lot of time in this neighborhood and we have implemented several other crime strategies to reduce the violence.
Also, the Captain reports, "numerous complaints" have come in regarding medical marijuana dispensaries in Atwater Village, Highland Park and Eagle Rock. Armed suspects have robbed 2 dispensaries in the last month.




I lost my 16-year old, white male shitzhu dog. He has a hard time walking. Two ladies in a van picked him up on Garden Avenue/Veselich Avenue at 7:30-8:00 p.m. today (Thursday, 5/7). If anyone has any information, or hears about my dog, please contact me at (818) 748-7316.

Fernando Grundy

iloveatwater said...

The Atwater Village Rascals 13 (TRS13) originated in the late 70s. The gang was formed by latinos in the central and southern part of atwater village , Thats from Loz Feliz down south past Fletcher dr. to Carillon St. The rivalry between Rascals and Toonerville started back in the early 80s when Timothy McGee wanted to join The Rascals gang. They did not grant him membership so he joined the gang to the north of atwater/glendale named Toonerville.
After a few years of being enemies and couple of members from Toonerville were murdered, Toonerville gang members wanted peace in the early 90s with The Rascals , they rejected that peace witch is why where living through this war between to gangs.