May 11, 2009

Small, Regular, Non-Marijuana Pharmacy to Close

THIS JUST IN, from a reader/informant:
"The CarePlus Pharmacy at 3224 Glendale Blvd. is closing its doors at the end of this month! Having just moved into the area only a few months ago, we were so happy to have a small pharmacy that we could walk to. Not only that, it was also never busy, the staff were always so polite, and it meant we didn't have to deal with the larger CVS on San Fernando! What a great loss to our little village. Let's hope a small Ma and Pa Pharmacy takes over the premises rather than another corporate chain establishment, but somehow I fear it wont!"
Thanks for the report. The way things have been going in Atwater Village retail lately, you might get that "small" medical establishment. But it might not be the kind you're thinking of.


sage said...

hmm every time we ever passed by that place it was always closed

aberrant said...

Probably that part about "never busy" had something to do with it.