March 3, 2009

Welcome, Lifehacker Readers

WELCOME TO ALL the newcomers referred by Lifehacker's March 1 post about our friends' garage makeover.

This blog is primarily about Atwater Village, my northeast Los Angeles neighborhood for the last 3 years. (Still a newbie? Discuss.)

View my pictures of our hood on Flickr and follow me on Twitter if you'd like. See more Atwater Village and LA links in my lists on the left. Thanks for stopping by and spiking my stats!

(Geekout: On an average day AVN sports about 200 visits, 300 page views. Yesterday: 948 visits, 1,259 page views.)

1 comment:

Jory said...

Nice work, Newbie.

Some people still don't know where Atwater Village is. Thanks for the positive name recognition you bring to our neighborhood.

As far as the 'Newbie' handle, I think there is some zen something or other about staying a newbie for as long as possible. Keeps things fresh, I think.