March 23, 2009

Keeping Track of Your Door-to-Door Neighborhood Scams

Mini CurbWE MUST LOOK like a bunch of suckers in Atwater Village. Luckily, even suckers know when to call the authorities.

Curb Painting Scam - Guy knocks on door. Wants to paint your curb. (Or already did.) Tries to collect payment. Repeats. Repeats belligerently.
  • Problem: If he's not with Care for the Children, he's not authorized to paint curbs in LA.
  • His goal: Your money, your checks, your identification.
  • What to do: Don't pay. Call LA's Bureau of Street Services, 213-847-6000.
Newspaper Subscription Scam - Guy knocks on door. Tries to sell you newspaper subscription. When he fails, asks to "come in" to "use your phone" and "call my manager."
  • Problem: Wouldn't a legit LA Daily News salesman knock on every door on the block? And have his own way to call "his manager"?
  • His goal: your money, your stuff or worse.
  • What to do: Don't subscribe. Don't let him in. Call LAPD Northeast, 213-485-2563.
Digital Phone Changeover Scam - Guy knocks on door. Tells you there's a switch to digital phone mandated by the FCC. Offers to help.
  • Problem: There is no such FCC mandate.
  • His goal: Your money, access to your house, or worse.
  • What to do: Don't let him in. Might as well call LAPD Northeast, 213-485-2563.

1 comment:

David said...

It wouldn't be so bad if the curb painters didn't keep painting the wrong numbers in front of my house!