March 29, 2009

The Roost? Definitely in Atwater Village

The RoostFROM A WEBSITE called Examiner that wants to "get inside Los Angeles" there's an interesting bit of geographical misplacement in this article about the life and death of musician Elliott Smith:
"...In Los Feliz (or Atwater Village, depending on who you talk to) at 3100 Los Feliz Boulevard, is a bar called the Roost where Elliott drank. They apparently have him on the jukebox, which is rare, even in Los Angeles."
Depending on who you talk to? Who is this rogue agent trying to re-define neighborhood boundaries?

For comparison and future reference, here's a reliable map of the Los Feliz neighborhood and one of our own Atwater Village neighborhood.

Voila. Two distinct neighborhoods, separated by a 6-lane freeway, a river and a couple of bridge systems. No matter who you talk to.


Leonora Gershman said...

We get no respect, I tells ya.

TonyC said...

The "Examiner" is just full of hackery it's not funny.

Super said...

I agree with Leonora.

Click Clack said...

there is actually a little instrumental jam on the record 'figure 8' called "the Roost"

it's listed on the back of the album but is a part of one of the tracks. sometimes i play it at the Roost, but nobody gets it.