March 27, 2009

For Sale: LA's Largest House, $150 Million

Spelling Manor, Holmby HillsTHIS PHOTO I shot last year during our helicopter tour of Los Angeles is suddenly a bit more popular, up from its usual 30 daily views to more than 2,000 so far today. (Update: More than 30,000 additional views since this story broke.)

This is Spelling Manor in Holmby Hills (Google map), the largest house in LA County and now the most expensive residential real-estate listing in the US:
  • $150,000,000 list price
  • 56,500 square feet
  • 100+ rooms
  • 17,000 sq ft attic w/ beauty salon
  • 4.6 acres of land
  • 16 carports
  • Built in 1991
The mansion is being sold by Candy Spelling, widow of late TV magnate Aaron Spelling. (We learned last night at a WGA forum that Aaron, the man behind Charlie's Angels, Dynasty and 90210 was once approached with the concept for ABC's Lost. Imagine that!)

Don't fear for Candy, though, even in this recession. She's downsizing to a $47 milion, 2-story condo at The Century tower in Century City. I bet you could talk her down to $140 million for the mansion.


Will Campbell... said...

Man, if I had that kinda high money then I could afford to demolish all the wretchedly wretched excess.

HostThrify said...

at least the interior doesn't seam too gawdy

If you have the cash I'm sure you also know a lot of you need space to entertain.

eglengopaul said...

Emmanuel Glen Gopaul of Trinidad that is most amazing, That is just what i want to live in!!!!!!!!!

Toni said...

Well I Might have to look at that house.

Victoria said...

When i saw the pic, all I had to say was 'WOW'. That place is amazingly beautiful. Its like the best place for a princess. Too bad, she had to sell it. If that place's mine, i will never sell it. The picture from the top is breathtaking, what more the inside's pic right?

Derrick Athony said...

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