February 26, 2009

Who Doesn't Love a (Really) Good Brownie?

Brownies for the Soul
THIS WEEKEND we stopped by the month-old Atwater Village takeout counter of Sweets for the Soul, 3169 Glendale Blvd.

Among bakeries in Los Angeles, this one is quite focused. One primary product, brownies. And one primary flavor, chocolate. That's it. Chocolate brownies.

But what they do, they do right. We took home 2 Obama brownies (white chocolate and dark chocolate) and 2 Cocoa Bliss brownies (Valrhona cocoa and Valrhona chocolate).

Total damage: $16. Yes, that's $4 per brownie. But the heart-shaped goodies have lasted all week and become a chocoholic nightcap to dream about all day.

The store might start experimenting with additional products and a new flavor or 2 this spring. Till then, they won't mess with perfection.

Food GPS and Reservation for Three also have reviews of Sweets for the Soul.


Jory said...

Perhaps Brownies are the new Cupcake.

Or if the day does arrive when they surpass cupcakes in our bakery consciousness we'll all say "of course they only sell brownies, what more do you want?"

I bought one of each of their offerings and the Obama Brownies were the favorites in my household.

moye said...

oooh i've been driving by this place for a while and was wondering if they opened yet. YUM!

Susan said...

Four of their brownies lasted a week? Good for you! My brownies from Sweets for the Soul lasted a minute.

Miles said...

I got said brownies and they were delicious. They are planning on adding organic ice cream in six months or so, but they wouldn't hurt themselves by adding milk to the menu (maybe they have it, but I didnt' notice).

It's reminiscenent of Eiger's Brownies in Brentwood in the 80s and 90s. They are that good.

Skrip said...

"$4 per brownie. But the heart-shaped goodies have lasted all week"

That makes sense, I though you might do this daily. Besides killing your health, you'd probably go broke. Nice blog by the way, I added you to my links.

Grant said...

The Obama brownies are ridiculous. In an amazing way.

Jeremy said...

Hey I too tried baking brownies and fairy cakes just after my exams got over. I go weak in the knees with a mention of muffins and brownies.