March 9, 2009

Trash-to-Energy Plant in North Atwater Village?

Exchange and Cutter
WORD ON THE STREET is that the City of Los Angeles is considering a site in North Atwater Village for a facility that will convert garbage to usable energy.

The former site of Levitz Furniture, 5375 West San Fernando Road, near the 5 and 134 freeways, is a likely candidate for a plant that would be part of the City's Solid Waste Integrated Resources Plan. It could process as much as 20 percent of LA's trash.

Comments and questions at the next Department of Public Works workshop for North Central LA: Tuesday March 24, 6:00 p.m., El Centro Del Pueblo, 1157 Lemoyne Street.

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Sunroom Desk said...

Here is what Julian Harris-Calvin of Tom LaBonge's office had to say via email on this issue:

Regarding the Alternative Waste Facility, the Mayor and City Council have committed to build a new Alternative Technology Site within each of the city's six solid wastesheds, and each council member was asked to identify a potential site in his/her council district to be studied by the Bureau of Sanitation for this purpose. Councilman LaBonge suggested the River Glen area of Atwater, near the Levitz site but not necessarily the existing building. The Bureau of Sanitation is currently conducting an analysis of this and other sites around the City and will report their findings and feasibility recommendations to the Council members.

The Evaluation of Alternative Solid Waste Processing Technologies report and other related documents can be viewed at