February 7, 2009

Getting Rid of the Street Donuts: $110,000

THE LARGE 5-way intersection where Glenfeliz, Dover and Valleybrink meet in central Atwater Village is sporting some new tire marks. A neighbor provided a photo of these new Tokyo Drift-style donuts, just a block from Glenfeliz Elementary School, "made by a very large Chevy Silverado truck that could have easily lost control and ended up in one of our homes."

The City of LA has a plan. An intersection improvement project, sponsored by City Council President Eric Garcetti's office, reduces the empty space in the intersection, making it less attractive for these types of vehicular shenanigans. (Blatantly rolling through the stop signs, though, will still be an option.)

CD13 will pony up most of the $110,000 cost and this week asked the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council to contribute $20,000. Stay tuned for more details about the plan, and whether or not it impacts speeders on Valleybrink.

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