February 5, 2009

What $7,850 a Month Gets You on the Westside

There Be Pirates
SOMETIMES WE fantasize about moving from cozy Atwater Village to the idyllic west side of Los Angeles. Ah, the beach lifestyle. Sun, sand, pirates everywhere. And then we actually go and look at what's available to rent on the west side. This weekend: a loft condo on the water in Marina Del Rey.
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • Listed for sale at $1,799,000 (down from $1,950,000)
  • Also available for lease, furnished, at $7,850/month
  • Part of a 4-unit condo building (the pirate mannequins belong to the guy upstairs)
To be sure, a sweet pad. And it almost made us think of quadrupling our rent. Then we heard planes leaving LAX every 90 seconds. More scenes from the open house:
View from a Loft
Master Bedroom


Miles said...

Having grown up for the most part on the westside and lived there, Hollywood, the valley and our bucolic little hood, I can honestly say the westside has NOTHING to offer other than the beach and the Getty. No community with the small exception of Venice Beach and the drum circle. You landed well.

Will Campbell... said...

Did you use "idyllic" to describe the westside? Thankfully the pricetag snapped you out of its tractor beam.

PS. What is it with westsiders decorating their homes with dolls? If it's not Palin hanging from a chimney then its Cap'n Morgan on the poopdeck!

PSS. Can't tell if that scurvy dope on the rope is climbing up to kill the cap'n or down to adjust the satellite dish.

AVN said...

Let's go with "idyllic" defined as "pleasant" rather than "perfect."

Idyllic: suggestive of an idyll; charmingly simple and serene; "his idyllic life in Marina Del Rey."

Clearly in the eye (and wallet) of the beholder.

philpalm said...

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