February 11, 2009

Crystal Springs Drive Closing March Through November

NEWS ABOUT A street closing in Griffith Park, just across the river from Atwater Village, from this Film L.A. production alert:
  • Starting on March 16, 2009 and continuing through mid-November 2009, Crystal Springs Drive will be closed from Los Feliz Boulevard to Merry-go-Round Road. 
  • Griffith Park Drive will be converted from a one-way street into a two-way street to accommodate traffic; however, the route will be impassible to cube trucks and larger vehicles.


Bingo TC said...

I just got the same notice too. I'm on Riverside just south of the fountain and I really hope that this doesn't make the Los Feliz / Riverside intersection any more crowded during rush hour than it already is. Fortunately most of the traffic is east-west and shouldn't be heavily impacted.

Will Campbell... said...

My first thought was what the hell film production needs eight months in Griffith Park... then I realized L.A. Film is just the messenger. It's a DWP construction project causing the closure.