November 29, 2006

Without a Valley to Call Home

In a factoid unlikely to appear on many real-estate brochures, Los Angeles Magazine's new Curbed LA wannabe "Ask Chris" column* draws a line around two northeast burbs.

Q: Is Burbank in the Valley or not?

A: Not only is Burbank considered part of the Valley, but so is Glendale. 'We redefined it ten years ago,' says Bruce Ackerman, president of the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley, who says the Valley's eastern edge stops right around the 2 freeway.

Also "right around" the 2 freeway - or as some suspect signs call it, Interstate 2 - is our banana-shaped LA neighborhood, Atwater Village. Yet the Economic Alliance map - showing in yellow the City of LA portion of the Valley - does not "redefine" Atwater into the SFV. (Slide up close and squint. Atwater would be below those gray blobs in the lower right corner.)

I guess for now we'll have to be satisfied merely being a client state of Los Feliz.

* Link to column not available at Yes, I re-typed the Q&A.

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