November 19, 2006

Canele Googlers, Ye Shall Receive

No Google searches bring more visitors to this blog than those including the word "Canele." Until Mrs. Newbie and I - along with some new friends made on the Wilshire walk - get a chance to try this new California-Mediterranean bistro at 3219 Glendale Blvd., here's what some early adopters report:

  • "Canele is already off to a very appealing start in a neighborhood starved for places that get it right." [Los Feliz Ledger]
  • "If this were your dinner party, and your kitchen guru of choice is Julia rather than Marcella or Madhur, this is the kind of food worthy of the good china." [LA Weekly]
  • "Open only a few weeks, it's still green, but Canele could be just what's needed to rev up the neighborhood." [LA Times]
  • "A very encouraging and tasty start for Canele. Can't wait to return!" [Miles Think]
  • "Food was well prepared but the menu just didn't seem inspired to me." [Chowhound]

BONUS: Daily Candy posts chef Corina Weibel's pissaladiere recipe.

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