November 13, 2006

This is the Ice and These Are the Penguins

Halfway through a preview for the movie "Happy Feet," Mrs. Newbie and I spontaneously uttered the same words: "The Point."

Does anyone else remember that kids album and movie from the early 1970s? Remember the poor kid, Oblio? Meet Mumble.

"The Point" (1973)"Happy Feet" (2006)
Animated fable with songs by Harry Nilsson, pop royalty
Animated fable with songs by Queen, Prince and other pop royalty
Story of Oblio, a boy with no point on his headStory of Mumble, a penguin with no song in his heart
Oblio is banished from the land of Point
Mumble is banished from the land of penguins
Upon banishment, Oblio finds a friend in The Rock ManUpon banishment, Mumble finds a friend in a Rockhopper Penguin
Oblio asked, "Ever been to New Dehli?"Mumble makes friends with Adelie
Main character voiced by Mike Lookinland, boyish actor known as Bobby on "The Brady Bunch," a TV show popular in the 1970sMain character voiced by Elijah Wood, boyish actor known as Frodo in "Lord of the Rings," a movie popular with anyone born in the 1970s
Home video version includes narration originally performed by Ringo Starr
Songs include "Golden Slumbers," originally by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr
Looks like a cross between Peter Max and "Rocky & Bullwinkle"Looks like a cross between "Shrek" and "The Polar Express"
Harry Nilsson was the composer for "Popeye" starring Robin WilliamsThree characters - Ramon, Lovelace and Cletus - are voiced by Robin Willams

"This is the town and these are the people. This is the town where the people all stay. That's the way they wanted it. That's the way it's going to stay."


bwendo said...

Thanks mucho for the connect. I'm a penguin lover all kinds of ways waiting for the official release of happy feet. And 30 years ago i had and loved the point but hadnt thought it about it for years.
barry benefield
oklahoma city, ok

blogger said...

I'm much more excited about 'Happy Feet' since I found out it's from the director who brought us 'Babe' ... - AVN