November 27, 2006

Third in Line at Baby Gap

Short Shameful Confession: That was me, the middle of the night after Thanksgiving, the first male inside Baby Gap at the Carlsbad Premium Outlets Midnight Madness sale.
Back in Colorado, we were not given the opportunity to part with so much money so early in the morning. Nor would we have stood outside for hours in November air to get an additional 40% off everything at Banana Republic. Frostbite wasn't worth it.

Quote of the night, from the Baby Gap manager, into her headset: "Someone help me figure out if there's too many people in here."


LA City Nerd said...

How about that line for the Coach store? Did you see that? And could you even find a parking space? I couldn't believe how crowded a mall could be after midnight... on Thanksgiving!

blogger said...

We arrived at 11:45pm and found an amazing parking space, just five spots from the shops. The Coach line was ... nuts. On the upside, once you were in, I heard, they only allowed 20 shoppers at a time. So it was nothing like the Ralph Lauren store, which got so crowded they shut the doors and wouldn't let anyone else in. - AVN