November 30, 2006

Better Than Being Recently Hip-Replaced

Members of the Southern California press take a day off from drooling over Asia Los Feliz to slap some saliva across the street.

From a Whole Life Times write-up of Dtox Day Spa:

...Happily a new spa in the recently hipster-ized Atwater Village offers eastsiders a tranquil respite from abusive city life. In their ample 6,000 square feet of exposed brick and lofty ceilings, Dtox has created an oasis of steam and sauna rooms, soothing waterfalls and a spacious atrium offering comfy couches, tea and fresh fruit.

Let's hope this means Dtox rid itself of the "abusive city life" at its front desk. Nothing erases the benefits of a $100 massage faster than a persnickety receptionist.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I went to dtox spa this weekend and it was lovely. Great masage, great environment, fantastic extras. Everyone on the east(ish) side should try it. Just as good as Burke Williams and at a fraction of the travel time.